As you continue to map out your goals for 2017, it is important to not forget your information technology.  Where do you start?  The top 3 tech goals from CNS should be at the top of your to-do list.

  1. Move into the cloud.  If you have not migrated at least a portion of your technology infrastructure to the cloud now is the time to do so.  Technology changes at the speed of light.  If you are operating in an entirely on premise environment you could be facing higher long-term costs and a less agile office environment.  If you are serious about growth, then it is time to take the cloud seriously too.
  2. Step up your cyber security.  We all learned in 2016 that any business, no matter how small has a target on their back.  Cyber criminals are becoming more and more sophisticated with their attacks.  You must stay ahead of them!  It is no longer just enough to hope for the best.  You must take cyber security seriously.  First assess your organization’s vulnerabilities then address them promptly.
  3. Make a strategic IT plan.  You must take a hard look at your technology environment.  Is it working for you to advance your company’s goals?  Or are pieces merely deployed when desired then repaired when not functioning properly?   With a comprehensive IT strategy in place you can ensure that your organization’s needs are being met by what you already have and make a plan to take you into the future.

At CNS we are here to guide you through the confusing and exciting world of IT.  Don’t lose the ground you have gained in the past year by neglecting to plan in the coming one.  At CNS we manage our clients’ networks so they can manage their business.  Contact us today!

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