Looking for an Albany IT company?

Here are a few companies that have established a solid reputation for IT support in Albany, NY.

With that in mind, here are 15 of the top IT support companies in Albany.

1. Complete Network

complete network

Sure, we may be biased, but we wholeheartedly believe in our ability to serve Albany businesses with great IT.

That said, we are relationally focused, and we recognize that we’re best suited to serve your business if:

You’re in professional services or healthcare.

While we serve a variety of businesses, our deepest expertise is in architecture, engineering, financial services, legal services, and healthcare.

You have 20-200 workstations to support.

We have over two decades of experience in supporting the IT needs of mid-sized businesses. We understand the unique challenges that emerge at this scale.

You’re looking for strategic IT, not reactionary IT.

Our approach is primarily strategic. If you want to align IT with your business goals so that it becomes an advantage instead of a reaction, we can help you. If your only objective is helpdesk support, you may want to consider other options.

If that’s you, we can offer you game-changing support.

We’re strategic and highly responsive. We provide all of our clients with access to vCIOs who are world-class consultants with decades of proven success leading successful IT strategies at firms like yours. Our service consistently ranks in the industry’s highest percentiles – over 98% of our customer service reviews are positive.

That’s part of the reason that Clutch lists us as the top IT service company in Albany:

best albany

We believe we check all three boxes to great IT support. If you’re ready to learn how we can help your business, schedule a free consult today.

If you’re intrigued by our services but are still doing your research, go ahead and download our partner evaluation guide or check out our pricing information. These resources will give you more insight into what an engagement with us is like and help you to evaluate your options further.

2. Tech II Business Services


Tech II Business Services, as their name suggests, do more than just IT support. They describe their approach this way on their website:

“Tech II Business Services Inc. is a top-rated information systems consulting company in Upstate New York. Whether a company is looking for a new IT consulting firm, needs more reliable phone systems, or has concerns about their company’s security, Tech II Business Services Inc. can help them achieve their goals.”

They may be a good fit if you’re considering telecom solutions or video surveillance in addition to IT support; however, if you’re specifically looking for IT strategy and service, they may be a bit general.

3. PNJ Technology Partners


This IT company isn’t concerned with telecom or video surveillance, and they’re certainly focused in the Albany area.

Here’s how they describe their approach to Albany IT support on their website:

“Managed IT Services in Albany from PNJ Technology Partners allows you to improve workforce efficiency and produce more revenue. PNJ Technology Partners offers managed IT services wherein we align your technology with your goals and objectives to help you achieve organizational growth.”

The biggest issue with this company is that they use the word “wherein” in their tagline. Other than that, though, the approach is solid. Note that they do seem to be broadly focused with services for nearly any business – this can make support less tailored.

4. Groff Networks

groff 1

Founded in 2005, Groff Networks is focused fairly specifically on serving New York small businesses with cloud and cybersecurity solutions.

Here’s how they describe their approach on their website:

“Groff Networks’ commitment to independent businesses and local non-profits is not just about business, it’s about passion. The entire team believes these types of organizations offer the best way to help employees, their families, and their communities— and Groff Networks is passionate about helping others make things better.”

This IT company also services businesses in Troy, New York City, Hudson, Syracuse, and other localities across New York state. If you own a small business and are interested in cloud-based solutions and support, Groff Networks is worth a look – but if you’re responsible for technology at a mid-sized firm, you may want to weigh alternatives, as well.

5. Northeast Network Solutions


Unlike Groff Networks, Northeast Network Solutions is not focused toward small businesses – this firm is more of a generalist.

Here’s how they describe their IT services on their website:

“Northeast Network Solutions is your managed service provider, offering hosted cloud services, network administration and monitoring, data backup and recovery, and more. We strive to implement the best software and hardware packages available today, tailored around businesses of all sizes. We offer emergency services and after-hours support, so you can always rely on your business’ technology.”

A big part of their pitch is that they offer emergency services for issues that happen outside of normal business hours. This is commendable, but it’s not necessarily unique; at Complete Network, for example, we provide 24x7x365 support, too.

6. National Business Technologies


National Business Technologies is an old Albany standby. The company was founded in 1927, and, for much of its existence, has focused primarily on photo and graphics equipment.

Today, the business is still primarily centered on graphic hardware – such as printers and scanners – but has expanded to offer IT services, as well. And, despite being named “National”, the firm is based right in downtown Albany.

Here’s how they describe their approach:

“National Business Technologies provides high quality business technology, managed print services, and managed IT services to help our customers reduce unnecessary expenses and boost employee productivity. Locally owned and operated since 1927, National has an unparalleled reputation for providing “Best in Class” technology solutions backed by award winning service with a personal touch.”

Continued service over nearly a century is impressive, and if you’re looking for print solutions or office products, National Business Technologies is certainly worth a call. However, if you’re looking for responsive, cutting-edge IT support, you may want to consider some of the other options on this list.

7. ATEC Group


If you read through some of the statistics ATEC Group provides, you’ll see that they claim to have consumed over 4,400 cups of coffee to get through late nights. Don’t be too impressed with this number. Over their 30+ years of service, that only comes out to about half a cup per day. At Complete Network, we easily double that.

Kidding, obviously. (Although we actually do double it.)

Jokes aside, this is another Albany IT company that offers a wide range of services, but they’re most specifically focused on building software-defined data centers.

Here’s how they describe it on their homepage:

“ATEC group is the Swiss army knife you can use to build the modern software-defined data center.”

On their About page, they go into a bit more detail:

“ATEC Group, Inc. is a leading systems integrator and solutions provider for server-based computing and information systems with 30+ years of experience providing IT solutions to New York’s Capital Region and beyond. Our diverse range of services meet the IT needs of large enterprises and small/medium businesses, as well as government and educational institutions.”

Note that systems integration is a particular focus of IT support; it’s more solution design and deployment than it is optimization and monitoring. If you’re looking primarily for that, ATEC Group may be worth your consideration; if you’re looking for superior ongoing IT support, they may be lower on your list.

8. Tag Solutions


Tag Solutions is another generalist IT company serving the northern New York area. Founded in 1991, the company has offices in Rochester and Albany, and serves businesses across a variety of industries and sizes.

Here’s how they describe their services:

“Tag Solutions was founded in 1991 with one objective: simplify the inherent complexities of information technology for our cherished customers… We specialize in Cybersecurity, Managed Services, Cloud Computing and Unified Communications.”

If you’re looking for an IT company capable of support in a wide range of contexts, Tag may be worth a look. However, they may not be your top choice if you’re looking for detailed strategic guidance, especially in a specific industry.

9. Tech Forward, Inc.


Quick note: If you’re looking for technology support for a mid-sized Albany business, you should probably narrow your search to the previous eight companies listed above. While the companies we’ll cover in the remaining spaces have certain use cases, for the most part, they aren’t meant to function as mid-to-enterprise level IT solutions.

If you’re a small business or have specific needs, though, you may find companies like Tech Forward useful.

Tech Forward is primarily focused on providing signs and video equipment. Here’s how they describe their business on their homepage:

“We have created our own software program to offer stunning and uniquely affordable digital signs and video walls, installed without a monthly hosting or design fee.  We are on the cutting edge of creating interactive displays, video arrays, and augmented reality exhibits. We also provide flexible IT managed support services for small to enterprise-level businesses.”

They’ve done some great work for aquariums and local businesses, but, while they do provide Albany IT support, that service is not their core focus.

10. Repeat Business Systems


Like Tech Forward, Repeat Business Systems is a technology-focused provider; their sweet spot is in office technology like copiers and printers.

Here’s how they describe their approach on their About page:

“Business runs on technology. Whether you need office systems like copiers and printers, or you need support for your network, you need more than machines. You need a partner that can help you manage your technology. When you partner with Repeat Business Systems you get access to technology from our powerful partners.”

Some of their partners include Ricoh, Nuance, OpenText RightFax, and PaperCut, as well as major tech companies like Microsoft, Cisco, and Dell.

If you own a small business and need IT support with a focus on office products, Repeat Business Systems may be worth a look.

11. Albany IT Group

albany it group

While the previous two Albany IT companies on this list are focused on hardware solutions, Albany IT Group is focused on software.

In fact, while this firm is technically an IT company, it’s important to note that they’re more of a software consultant than a support provider.

Here’s how they describe their services:

“AITG is more than just an IT body shop. We will help you define and refine the tools you need to stay competitive in a business age dominated by tech innovation. Our collaborative process gives you a say in everything we do. Together, we’ll figure out how to create solutions that best serve your specific organization.”

This is, essentially, custom software development, as opposed to responsive IT service or strategy consulting.

It’s worth noting that Albany IT Group takes a mobile-first approach to software design, so if you’re looking for a custom app, they may be worth considering.

12. All and 1 Consulting

all and 1

All and One Consulting is a bit confusing. Like ATEC Group, they seem to be primarily focused on consulting for network design and installation. However, their About page begins with these two sentences:

“All and 1 has more than two decades combined experience in digital marketing. We are constantly learning what’s new and improved because just like your business, online marketing never stands still.”

They don’t seem to offer digital marketing services, and marketing isn’t really related to IT support, so this is somewhat befuddling. They do, though, have a page explaining their approach to network design, where they explain that “We design IT networks, managed services and telecomm systems and make it easier and less stressful.”

Our advice would be to vet this company carefully (and any company on this list, for that matter) before engaging them in IT support.

13. Preville Technology


Preville Technology is a little more straightforward. They’re generalists; they offer everything from business email, to telephone systems, to surveillance cameras, to programming – and more.

What sets them apart is their focus on government and educational facilities. Here’s how they describe it:

“Preville Technology Services proudly supports businesses, local governments, schools and more in Upstate New York. Located in Albany, NY our professional staff has years of experience and a broad range of capabilities making Preville Tech your perfect IT partner.”

While they’re located in Albany, they serve a variety of towns across New York State, including Syracuse, Plattsburgh, Buffalo, and New York City.

If you’re searching for an IT company for your school or government organization, Preville may be worth considering.

14. Liberteks


We’re reaching the end of the list – not necessarily because these Albany IT companies are subpar, but more so because they’re not ideal for mid-sized business needs.

Liberteks, for example, is built primarily on computer repair services for individuals and small businesses. Here’s how they explain their business:

“Liberteks offers you the best in onsite and remote computer repair in Albany New York. Bring in your desktop or laptop for a diagnostic and get more power from your computing.”

While they do offer small business IT support, this Albany-based company’s focus is primarily on computer repair. If you need IT basics for a small office, Liberteks may be worth a call, but if you’re supporting more than 10 workstations, you may want to look elsewhere.

15. HelloTech

hello tech

Like Liberteks, HelloTech is focused primarily on home IT support. Unlike Liberteks, though, HelloTech is a national service. While they offer support in Albany, they aren’t based in the area.

Here’s how they describe their services:

“We can send a tech to your door to help with your PC, home theater, TV mounting, and general device needs. In many cases, we can remotely solve your issues simply by connecting to your computer. HelloTech also offers home and business tech support plans starting at $9.99. We serve Albany, the rest of New York and the entire US. If we can’t help, you don’t pay. That’s the HelloTech way.”

If you need an Albany IT company for individual device repair, HelloTech may be worth a look. But this is not a managed IT service, and it’s not a solution we’d recommend if you have more than a couple of workstations.

Ready to Choose an Albany IT Company?

Hopefully, this list of IT companies has been helpful as you make a decision for your business.

Are you a mid-sized firm that’s prepared to take the next step toward better Albany IT support? If so, let’s talk.

At Complete Network, we’re proud to provide local businesses with IT that gives them an advantage, and we’re confident we can help you. Get in touch with us today to get started.