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With 360 Flex.

Empower Your IT Team With Complete Network Expertise

C360 Flex provides an additional layer of reliability and security for your internal IT support staff. With C360 Flex, your IT department gets fast access to Complete Network’s team of senior engineers and gain valuable insights from vendors such as Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, HP, and DellEMC.

C360 Flex is all about providing you with power and flexibility. Pick from a comprehensive suite of tools that your IT teams can use whenever they need them, including help-desk ticketing, remote monitoring and management, network monitoring, virus and ransomware protection, spam protection, and much more. You’ll have full access to a Virtual Chief Information Officer as well, who will work with your team on strategic projects ranging from ticket escalation and IT infrastructure monitoring, to technology planning and formulating organizational goals.

Virtual CIO and Strategic IT Staffing

Maybe your business isn’t large enough for an in-house Chief Information Officer (CIO) but you need someone with the same level of knowledge and industry experience to help you solve your technology questions. Perhaps you’d also like additional IT staff to work with your team on a project. C360 Flex offers a solution to all those problems. With C360 Flex you get all the benefits of having a CIO as a consultant and trusted strategist, someone who will work with your team directly on new projects, streamline existing services, and strategize for the future — all without having to pay a CIO’s salary.

Expert Support When You Need It

You already have strong in-house information technology staff but there are times when you need a little more insight than they’re able to provide. Maybe you’re planning a system upgrade, or an IT staff member has unexpectedly quit or gone on vacation. Whatever the reason, when your business needs help now, C360 Flex offers an on-demand solution, so you get the support you need when you need it.

Strategic Planning

One of the many benefits from the C360 Flex Plan is the chance to work on strategic planning for your business’s long-term IT goals. Stop struggling to predict the future of your technology without an expert in your corner. With C360 Flex and your VCIO from Complete Network, you’ll stay ahead of the curve of any upcoming changes and make the right technology decision every time.

Get the flexible IT support your business needs.

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Our other plan, C360 Fully Managed, might be a better solution. Designed as a comprehensive IT infrastructure to deliver turnkey, state of the art IT support, including IT monitoring and management, proactive system upgrades, a dedicated Virtual Chief Information officer, and more.

“Early in our relationship with Complete Network we had an issue with one of our legacy databases. We asked them to look into it for us and – everyone – from the engineer to the owners told us the same thing: “We aren’t experts on this particular database, therefore we prefer to engage the vendor rather than risk making things worse”. That’s the kind of integrity that makes long lasting partnerships.”

– CFO, Insurance Firm