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Success Story

Complete Network Security Team Successfully Defends Law Firm Against Sophisticated Cyberattack


A large law firm with operations in several locations throughout NY state urgently needed to improve the quality of their IT systems. While the firm had an IT staff to manage their day-to-day technology needs, they lacked a partner to help with big picture strategy and security concerns, which the firm’s leadership felt was putting them at a competitive disadvantage. Complete Network presented the firm with a solution that would complement their small IT staff, retain many of the workflows and processes that the lawyers had grown accustomed too, while still improving the reliability of their infrastructure.

During the onboarding process, Complete Network made an unexpected discovery. One of the firm’s terminal servers had been under sustained cyberattack for months. Using a suite of proprietary cybersecurity tools, the Complete Network team was able to gather detailed information about the threat. Originating in Eastern Europe, the attack — known as a “brute force attack” — was using automated software to generate a high number of consecutive guesses at system passwords. While conceptually simple, brute force attacks can be very effective at gaining access to networks with weak password protection.

With strong support from the law firm’s partners and operational director, the Complete Network team leapt into action. We began by deploying a geo-blocking technology at the firm’s terminal servers to prevent any more network traffic from the offending country. Next, we deployed a new remote access system with two-factor authentication to bolster security on the server that had been attacked. All this work was done without any significant disruption to the firm’s network or systems.

The initial threat now sufficiently mitigated, our next step was to provide better overall security at the firm. Over the following weeks, Complete Network personnel conducted training courses in cybersecurity best practices to educate the client’s staff. These training programs included how to identify and avoid phishing attacks, an overview of the malware that posed the greatest harm to law firms, and how to maximize the security provided by the new two-factor authentication system Complete Network had deployed at the firm. During this period, we implemented other security measures as well, including stronger encryption for the firm’s data, and an updated disaster recovery system.

With their data safe, and the damage from one attack successfully mitigated, the client now enjoys its growth and prosperity, confident that Complete Network is providing vigilance and security that it can rely on.

“Before moving to Complete Network we thought we had things under control. Three major ransomware attacks in less than six months was enough to convince us that we were wrong. We’re back on track and feel more prepared to deal with threats going forward.”

– Managing Partner, Law Firm

Complete Network offers two service packages


C360 Fully Managed is for companies that want comprehensive planning and management of their technology. It combines strategy, support, and security in one seamless technology solution that’s custom built for your business goals and workflows.


C360 Flex is for companies that already have IT staff but want more reliable network operations than they can achieve on their own. We’ll act as a vigilant strategic partner, providing expertise and support that brings you greater peace of mind and confidence.