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Success Story

C360 Flex Helps Leading Architecture Firm Find New Focus and Efficiency

A prominent New York architecture firm approached us in the midst of operational difficulty. To meet a flurry of rapidly approaching deadlines and maintain the reputation for excellence that the firm had built over a hundred years, it urgently needed to increase the uptime and availability of its IT systems. This included improving the service quality of architectural applications like computer-aided design (CAD) software and materials databases, as well as other IT systems, like email and disaster recovery.

Recognizing the mission-critical nature of these upgrades, the firm’s leadership was willing to invest in technology, but their investment had so far been squandered by a shoddy technology services partner. Because the client had approached its technology without the benefit of a coherent strategy — or a partner capable of delivering one — it was over-paying for unsuitable hardware and lacked a sense of how to align its IT and business objectives. In a few cases, the client had been paying for technology that it didn’t even know it had bought.

Once we understood the client’s challenges and goals, we conducted a comprehensive Complete Network IT Capabilities Assessment™ to locate any additional problems. The assessment found several other instances of poorly-implemented technology, including an obsolete email server, storage devices that could not provide the high-availability service the client needed, and a back-up system that was out of step with the client’s other technology. We met with the client’s leadership to explain our finding and present a clear course of action to remediate their problems.

The strategy we proposed redesigned and integrated their network architecture and applications, ensuring the uptime and performance the client needed to work efficiently toward its goals, while also illustrating a clear roadmap for future network improvements. By right-sizing the client’s infrastructure to meet their goals, not only did our engineers solve their issues around service availability and quality, they prevented the client from over-paying for new technology too. Other cost-cutting measures we took included a full Microsoft Office 365 migration, which eliminated several redundant applications and helped the firm’s architects cooperate with greater ease and efficiency.

The result is an architectural firm that now easily maintains its leadership position and continues to provide excellent work to clients throughout the North-East. The client continues to work with Complete Network today, relying on us to provide IT strategy that increases productivity, aligns technology with business goals, and keeps costs under control.

“Growing our company made the balance sheet a moving target. We needed to stay ahead of the curve, while keeping an eye on cost. Complete Network helped us make smart decisions to scale our network while controlling the cost of management.”

– CFO, Insurance Firm

Complete Network offers two service packages


C360 Fully Managed is for companies that want comprehensive planning and management of their technology. It combines strategy, support, and security in one seamless technology solution that’s custom built for your business goals and workflows.


C360 Flex is for companies that already have IT staff but want more reliable network operations than they can achieve on their own. We’ll act as a vigilant strategic partner, providing expertise and support that brings you greater peace of mind and confidence.