In the old days, technology issues at Creighton Manning were frequent. And they frequently slowed work down.

“Issues weren’t getting addressed fast enough,” explained Jeff Pangburn, the company’s Chief Engineer. “People don’t think an IT issue is a problem when it’s somebody else’s problem. But it is an emergency for the user.”

Complete Network Committed to Solving Their Issues.

The Backstory

Creighton Manning had been receiving lackluster services from another well-known IT provider, who had been sending staff to the office twice a week to perform routine network maintenance and process support tickets.

Despite these regular visits, the engineering firm still struggled with many IT problems.

  • Rapidly accumulating support requests.
  • Overlooked or even forgotten IT issues.
  • Slowed business operations.
  • Low employee morale.
  • Inability to strategically plan with technology.

The Complete Network Solution

When Creighton Manning chose Complete Network, the game changed.

Our team worked onsite at the Creighton Manning offices. We began addressing their issues by getting to know their staff and their systems.

Our goal: eliminate any IT support processing issues and boost employee morale by improving daily business operations.

The crucial part of our plan included our team upgrading and standardizing the company’s systems.

  • We implemented virtualization technology to allow for more flexible provisioning of IT resources.
  • We repurposed some of Creighton Manning’s legacy equipment for use in the new network
  • We added enterprise-grade firewalls for better network security

The Results:

Creighton Manning experienced far fewer network support issues.

The company now enjoys a unified, rapid, and well-guarded system.

They had vastly improved IT response.

Now, bottlenecks are eliminated, downtime is reduced, and requests are promptly addressed and no longer forgotten.

Employee morale made a major comeback.

The firm’s staff doesn’t have to spend copious amounts of time waiting for IT support. The improved morale has made the business better as a whole.

“[Complete Network] has really been a partner with us,” Pangburn said.

What Comes Next

As Creighton Manning transitions into the world of remote work, the company is looking forward to continuing its growth with the help of strategic technology.

“The cybersecurity end of it is key for us,” Pangburn explained. “[Complete Network] has done a good job with that, and I look forward to more of the same.”

They have plans to continue optimizing their workflows, to launch strategic technology initiatives, and to improve their cybersecurity practices.

At both a workflow level and a business operations level, confident that the relationship will pay dividends in the future. ”They give me solutions that will work.”

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Jeremy Wanamaker | CEO