Burlan Manufacturing needed assistance revamping its IT infrastructure, performing software updates, and preventing costly shutdowns.

Complete Network Was Ready to Help.

The Backstory

Established in 1971, Burlan Manufacturing boasts a cutting-edge manufacturing facility spanning 250,000 square feet, conveniently located mere minutes from Charlotte. Specializing in industrial and commercial applications, Burlan offers a diverse range of industrial-grade products, encompassing:

  • Wrap tape
  • Reinforcing fabrics
  • Strapping
  • Lashing products
  • Polyester sling webbing
  • Tie-down webbing
  • GatorEDGE®

Burlan’s customers rely on them for quick, reliable manufacturing solutions. When their systems go down, it can be catastrophic, resulting in delays for the businesses they serve, as well as operational inefficiencies. As their company continued to expand, Burlan needed help upgrading their existing IT systems and completing regular updates. Complete Network began working with Burlan Manufacturing in August 2020. Complete Network’s Brett Springall acts as Burlan’s vCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer).

“There was one time when one of our key servers went down in the middle of the night, and Complete Network jumped straight into action. By 6:30 AM, they were able to get a cloned backup server ready and get 90% of our servers running again. I felt like they were warriors in that fight! Their speed and efficiency made all the difference.”

— James Anadell, ERP Project Manager/Inventory Manager at Burlan Manufacturing

The Complete Network Solution

Our vCIOs have decades of experience in successful IT strategies at large firms. They provide the same type of consultations and cover the same responsibilities as an in-house CIO, but do so virtually. In just a few years spanning our partnership with Burlan, Complete Network has:

  • Replaced departed IT Director with full support and consistent staffing at lower cost
  • Converted remote facility from expensive leased communication circuit to lower cost internet link
  • Increased cybersecurity with next-gen endpoint protection and enabled multi-factor authentication for SaaS applications and on-premise infrastructure
  • Replaced over-complex and failing server infrastructure, with hybrid cloud alternative, reducing capex and increasing flexibility
  • Designed IT infrastructure for new manufacturing facility
  • Provided ongoing cVIO consulting and guidance

“Complete Network has been instrumental in helping us upgrade our IT systems. Since we started working with them in August 2020, we’ve completed numerous projects including upgrading our entire VoIP system and moving our on-prem software and services to the cloud. Their guidance has been hugely valuable in helping us modernize.”

— James Anadell, ERP Project Manager/Inventory Manager at Burlan Manufacturing

What Comes Next

“We build a long-term plan. We build a relationship so we can take that plan and start moving forward long term with how their technology needs to be.”


Years ago, internal IT teams could handle nearly any technological issue. In today’s complex landscape, no single individual can be an expert in every aspect of IT, from cybersecurity and network management to cloud system design and each specific application. That’s where C360 Flex, our supplemental IT support solution, can help by extending your in-house expertise.

C360 Flex is designed for mid-market organizations with 50 to 500 users to fill in the IT gaps and ensure comprehensive support. If your internal IT department is overwhelmed, you’ve faced IT personnel turnover, or you’re looking to enhance capabilities while staying cost-efficient, C360 Flex is tailored to your needs.

Our technology experts will collaborate with you to pinpoint the ideal suite of services. Your business will benefit from VCIO consulting, help desk support, remote monitoring, and more, all designed to scale as your organization grows.

When you choose C360 Flex, you gain access to a range of services and benefits such as remote and on-site reactive support, workstation monitoring and alerting, vendor management, server monitoring and alerting, network administration and management, VCIO consulting, an advanced security suite, and more.

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Jeremy Wanamaker | CEO