At Complete Network, we offer what other network IT support companies don’t – first-rate virtual CIOs with decades of experience in tech strategy leadership.

Virtual Chief Information Officers (VCIOs) create and execute a company’s IT strategy and optimize all IT assets. Our awardwinning team is here to lift the burden of IT concerns from our client’s shoulders.

The Backstory

We have supplied the Capitala Group with white glove IT services since 2017. The Capitala Group is an asset management firm that works with management teams, business owners, financial sponsors, and independent sponsors to provide them with private credit and private equity capital. Their mission is to make an impact through responsible investing and to support social impact initiatives.

The Capitala Group’s approach is to individually tailor each investment to the client’s specific needs, aligning with the client’s goals, and adding substantial value to their businesses. By partnering with strong management teams, they create value and foster growth through strategic partnerships, operational expertise, and a shared vision for mutual success.

The Complete Network Solution

Every client of Complete Network, including Capitala, gets a dedicated VCIO with decades of experience leading tech strategies at major firms. The VCIO will ensure you have a strong IT strategy to move your business forward.


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Recently, in 2022, we helped with rewriting information security documentation, increased WiFi security, implemented Next Gen Endpoint Protection, and implemented MDM (all compliance requirements).


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What Comes Next


When your business relies on technology, settling for subpar IT support is not an option. Our comprehensive IT support solution, C360 Fully Managed, is designed for businesses with 20 to 100 users. It delivers groundbreaking IT strategy and support at a cost-efficient price.

C360 Fully Managed is your ideal solution if you are tired of relying on IT support that you do not fully trust, want to avoid the cost of an internal IT hire, and seek strategic planning for your business’s technology future.

You can rely on Complete Network for quick response times. Let us take care of the IT side so you can take care of business. Our comprehensive services include unlimited remote and on-site reactive support, workstation monitoring and alerting, vendor management, server monitoring and alerting, network administration and management, VCIO consulting and support, an advanced security suite, and more – all tailored to your specific needs.

We Build A Long-Term Plan. We Build A Relationship So We Can Take That Plan And Start Moving Forward Long Term With How Their Technology Needs To Be.


Years ago, internal IT teams could handle nearly any technological issue. In today’s complex landscape, no single individual can be an expert in every aspect of IT, from cybersecurity and network management to cloud system design and each specific application. That’s where C360 Flex, our supplemental IT support solution, can help by extending your in-house expertise.

C360 Flex is designed for mid-market organizations with 50 to 500 users to fill in the IT gaps and ensure comprehensive support. If your internal IT department is overwhelmed, you’ve faced IT personnel turnover, or you’re looking to enhance capabilities while staying cost-efficient, C360 Flex is tailored to your needs.

Our technology experts will collaborate with you to pinpoint the ideal suite of services. Your business will benefit from VCIO consulting, help desk support, remote monitoring, and more, all designed to scale as your organization grows.

When you choose C360 Flex, you gain access to a range of services and benefits such as remote and on-site reactive support, workstation monitoring and alerting, vendor management, server monitoring and alerting, network administration and management, VCIO consulting, an advanced security suite, and more.

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“Strong relationships are as important as technical ability in our business. We made the decision years ago to only work with organizations in a managed service agreement. This ensures our team stays focused on clients who have made a commitment to us. Our clients know they will be taken care of because our people are only serving managed clients.”

Jeremy Wanamaker | CEO