Law Firms, Admits James Towne, Jr., Aren’t Known For Employing Tech People.

“We’re wordsmiths, not techies,” Towne explains. “That means we don’t want to figure out why something isn’t working. We just need things to work.”

Before Complete Network, However, Things Frequently Didn’t.

The Backstory

Towne is a Principal Partner at The Towne Law Firm, P.C., where he’s represented a plethora of entities for decades. In recent years, he realized how much the way he works has changed. Everything has become digital.

This new nature of legal work makes the firm’s IT support critical. Unfortunately, prior IT providers often left the firm unsupported.

“We’ve had three previous IT providers,” says Towne, “and none of them provided the level of service we needed.” Some were negligent; some simply didn’t have the capacity to deliver the level of service that they’d hoped to.

The result of this negligence was a frustrating list of IT issues.

  • Slowed work productivity
  • Unorganized networks and user setups
  • Unanswered cybersecurity concerns
  • Inability to plan for future IT expansion
  • Accumulated IT issues

The Complete Network Solution

System Standardizations and 24/7/365 Support Helpdesk

After assessing their needs onsite, we designed our tailor-made plan. 

Our goal: provide the IT support, organization, and security they were lacking.

We would help them accomplish this goal by adding and maintaining a full suite of managed IT services and including capabilities for new offices and remote work setups.

System Standardizations.

This process was designed to make our client’s technology more efficient and their lives easier.

  • We added two factor authentications and new fire walls with seventh layer protection.
  • We installed Splash Top and net extender software to allow for safe and easy remote work set ups.
  • We standardized new user set up, new computers set up, terminated user procedure to improve day-to-day operations.
  • We provided network diagrams to help our clients better understand their systems connections.
  • We recorded purchase dates and warranty information to prepare them for replacement cycles.

All the standardizations strengthened and organized the law firm’s IT systems.

24/7/365 Support Helpdesk

Complete Network’s IT support helpdesk was a gamechanger for them and continues to improve their workplace today.

  • We employ several tactics to ensure help desk service speed and quality.
    • Smile Back provides client feedback, answering services deliver our standard 95% call answered rate.
    • Our staff is always on call in rotation, so our clients receive around-the-clock expert service.

In an industry where case work often happens during late nights and early hours, constant IT accessibility has been crucial.

What Comes Next

The Towne Law Firm continues to experience substantial growth.

At Complete Network, we’re excited to help them navigate the technological considerations that come with it. We know they will continue to need dedicated and expert IT support and that’s why we’re here.

“We count on them, and they deliver,” he concludes. “That’s what we need.”

“I was speaking to one of my staff,” says Towne, “and I made a comment about a technology solution that somehow gave them the impression I was thinking about working with another provider.

And they immediately pushed back at me, ‘No, we can’t switch from Complete Network. They’re really good.’ It was confirmation of how much we trust them. We’re not moving on from that.”

Ready to work with a game-changing IT provider?

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“Strong relationships are as important as technical ability in our business. We made the decision years ago to only work with organizations in a managed service agreement. This ensures our team stays focused on clients who have made a commitment to us. Our clients know they will be taken care of because our people are only serving managed clients.”

Jeremy Wanamaker | CEO