Complete Network designed and implemented a comprehensive IT strategy for Creighton Manning Engineering, empowering its staff and bringing new clarity to the firm’s operations.

Executive Summary

Creighton Manning Engineering is a leading engineering firm in New York’s’ Capital Region that’s been providing infrastructure design services to both private and public sector clients for over fifty years. When Creighton Manning first contacted Complete Network, lackluster IT service was hampering the firm’s work and hurting employee morale. Complete Network proposed a series of IT infrastructure and software changes to rectify these existing problems, then helped the company implement a forward-thinking IT strategy to ensure continued technical readiness and operational efficiency.

Complete Network Solution Key Benefits

  • Solved underlying network issues and created a more stable infrastructure
  • Provided a new, proactive model of service to quickly resolve IT-related issues
  • Brought new IT services online to lower costs, increase security, and improve reliability
  • Offered ongoing strategic planning and support for Creighton Manning leadership

Case Background

Creighton Manning Engineering (CME) is one of upstate New York’s best-known engineering firms. It’s won numerous award for its work, including an award from the New York Chapter of the American Public Works Association for the Round Lake Road Reconstruction project in 2015.

Prior to engaging Complete Network, Creighton Manning had been receiving lackluster services from another well-known provider. This provider had been sending staff to Creighton Manning twice a week to perform routine network maintenance and process support tickets. Between these infrequent visits, support requests submitted by Creighton Manning employees were left to accumulate. This sporadic support was making it difficult to track and resolve issues in an organized manner, and had even led to some problems getting forgotten or overlooked. This unreliable service was starting to affect business operations and employee morale.

This lackluster support had another, more pernicious dimension as well. Although Creighton Manning leadership well understood the importance of a proactive, forward-thinking IT strategy, they lacked a trusted partner to help them design and implement such a plan. Without a reliable partner to help them make key upgrades to their network infrastructure, Creighton Manning was left with no choice but to make small, reactive upgrades to their IT systems. This inability to fully exploit the latest technologies meant that Creighton Manning was missing out on valuable gains in operational efficiency.

Creighton Manning Chooses Complete Network

In response to these problems, Creighton Manning leadership began to search for a new technology provider that could better position them for future success. This interview process, led by Creighton Manning Chief Engineer, Jeff Pangburn, included all the major IT services firms in the region. Right away, Mr. Pangburn and his colleagues noticed some elements about the proposed Complete Network solution that distinguished it from other providers.

The first thing to impress Mr. Pangburn and his colleagues was the regular, proactive network reviews that Complete Network planned to perform at Creighton Manning. During these reviews, Complete Network technical staff would fully audit Creighton Manning’s network and applications to gauge their efficiency, discuss improvements, and make adjustments to the company’s IT strategy. These review could be scheduled quarterly, biannually, or whenever Creighton Manning felt it most convenient.

Just as important was that Complete Network planned to implement an online platform for Creighton Manning staff that enabled them to submit technical support requests directly to Complete Network. This platform would track all the submitted support tickets in a centralized location, giving employees the ability to transparently monitor the progress of their requests. This would not only simplify the process of requesting support, but also minimize service interruptions by ensuring that tickets were handled in a timely and organized manner.

This methodical approach to service quality, combined with the Complete Network’s reputation for technical expertise and track-record of client satisfaction, inspired Creighton Manning to select Complete Network as their new network services provider.

The Complete Network Solution Provides Immediate and Lasting Benefit

As a new technology partner to Creighton Manning, Complete Network got straight to work fixing the bottlenecks and that had been hindering the company’s operations. During the earliest phase of our cooperation, which was extended to over eighteen months to minimize the impact on Creighton Manning’s operations, Complete Network staff members worked onsite at the Creighton Manning offices to learn about the company’s business and existing IT infrastructure.

This initial onboarding phase enabled Complete Network to determine the right mix of new hardware and software to address the company’s IT issues and improve their business operations. The upgrades that Complete Network implemented included using virtualization technology to allow for more flexible provisioning of IT resources, repurposing some of the Creighton Manning’s legacy equipment for use in the new network, adding enterprise-grade firewalls for better network security, and making improvements to their human resources systems.

Complete Network’s solution benefitted Creighton Manning in the following ways:

  • Improved Network Operations and a Better User Experience
    Complete Network greatly improved the service quality at the firm, leading to a better user experience for Creighton Manning employees. This included fixing persistent network problems that were draining productivity with a combination of hardware and configuration changes, and improving key workflows and internal business processes with new technology.
  • Proactive Service and Efficient Support
    With its powerful C360 platform, Complete Network can proactively monitor Creighton’s Manning’s IT systems and anticipate problems before they started to negatively affect operations. When unforeseen problems do arise, they’re resolved quickly through a customer portal that connects technicians directly with client staff.
  • Greater Security
    During its audit, Complete Network discovered that Creighton Manning’s previous vendor was improperly safeguarding newly-generated company data and failing to protect the firm’s sensitive archives. Complete Network solved these problems by implementing an intelligent cloud backup solution to store new information, and creating a more secure storage solution for the company’s back-up data.
  • Increased Mobility
    Creighton Manning employees have started to rely more on mobile devices to work from outside the office. Complete Network has greatly streamline laptop usage, overhauled the companies VPN system, and implemented an upgraded FTP service, allowing employees to be more productive from offsite locations.
  • Cost Savings
    By addressing technical issues before they turned into time-wasting problems, Complete Network has saved Creighton Manning valuable man-hours. New technologies that Complete Network has implemented at their offices, such as Voice over IP (VoIP) and a robust business continuity solution, have further lowered operating costs and protected the firm from costly downtime.


Complete Network has developed and implemented an IT strategy that’s customized to Creighton Manning’s requirements, clearing the cobwebs from their beleaguered network and bringing a renewed sense of ease and efficiency to their operations. Proactive network monitoring and maintenance from Complete Network will ensure that Creighton Manning continues to operate with this new level of confidence into the future. We deeply value our partnership with Creighton Manning and our other clients throughout the engineering industry, and look forward to providing them with the outstanding technology services they need to thrive.

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