Are you searching for IT services for your Savannah business?

We’re here to help. Here’s a list of reputable providers serving the Savannah, Georgia area.


  1. Complete Network
  2. Miles Technologies
  3. Speros
  4. Rudolph Technology & Associates
  5. ABN
  6. Seimitsu
  7. Landon Technologies
  8. Infinity
  9. KML Computer Services
  10. Computerland Savannah
  11. Corisca Technologies
  12. Fortified
  13. DPC Technology
  14. CORBAK
  15. Pomeroy

Each firm offers a distinct approach to IT service that may benefit your Savannah business.

Read on to review them in more detail.

1. Complete Network

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Sure, we may be biased, but we wholeheartedly believe in our ability to serve Savannah businesses with great IT.

That said, we are relationally focused, and we recognize that we’re best suited to serve your business if:

You’re in professional services or healthcare.

While we serve a variety of businesses, our deepest expertise is in architecture, engineering, financial services, legal services, and healthcare.

You have 20-200 workstations to support.

We have over two decades of experience in supporting the IT needs of mid-sized businesses. We understand the unique challenges that emerge at this scale, which is why we offer both fully managed and co-managed service packages.

Here are a few things that set us apart from the other companies on this list:

We price per user. Most companies price per workstation, but we use a user-based pricing model because we’ve found that supporting technology really means supporting people. This way, we can actually cover your needs instead of charging extra for “out-of-scope” tickets or server support.

Our experts really are experts. Many other companies feature “virtual CIOs” who are really just account managers trained to sell services. Our vCIOs have over a decade of experience leading real-world technology strategies. They could legitimately be leading technology at Fortune 500 firms, but our service model makes them available to SMBs.

Our approach is primarily strategic. If you want to align IT with your business goals so that it becomes an advantage instead of a reaction, we can help you. If your only objective is helpdesk support, you may want to consider other options.

If you’re intrigued by our services but are still doing your research, go ahead and download our partner evaluation guide, check out our pricing information, or browse the other companies on this list. These resources will give you more insight into what kind of engagement can best meet your needs and help you to evaluate your options further.

2. Miles Technologies

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The first thing that stands out about Miles Technologies is that they’re really into toy blocks. The second thing that stands out is that they do pretty much everything.

Not only do they offer IT services, but they also offer marketing (including website design), business consulting, and even accounting software consulting.

Here’s how they explain their approach:

“Expertise that spans the tech industry from IT services to software development, marketing, and web design, we’re the one company that can handle all of your business technology needs.”

While they have an office in Savannah, Georgia, the company is based out of New Jersey. If you’re looking for a generalist technology services firm, these guys may be worth looking at – but if you’re looking for specific (or specifically local) expertise, you may want to check out other options.

3. Speros

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Like Miles Technologies, Speros offers a wide variety of services. In addition to IT support the company also provides phone system installation and support, cabling installation, surveillance system installation, website design, and device procurement. Unlike Miles Technologies, though, Speros is headquartered in Savannah, and they’re specifically focused on serving the surrounding area.

Here’s how they describe it on their homepage:

“Speros is the premier business technology services provider in Savannah, GA. Whether you need a new phone system, IT services, surveillance cameras, audiovisual setup, or web design, we can help.”

If you’re looking for general IT support (or any of the other services listed above), Speros is a solid option with a longstanding reputation for good service. However, if you’re looking for a specific industry or service focus, it may be worth looking at more focused providers.

4. Rudolph Technology & Associates

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Rudolph Technology & Associates is another national IT service with an office in Savannah, Georgia. Unlike some of the other companies on this list, Rudolph Technology & Associates isn’t solely focused on commercial services ­– they also provide residential services, including help with home internet setup and smart home technology.

Here’s how they explain their approach on their about page:

“Rudolph Technology & Associates (RTA) was founded in 1999 with the thought in mind to customize and provide desktop computers to business and consumers customized based on the needs of the users.  Since 1999 Rudolph Technology & Associates has emerge into a technology powerhouse that provides technology services that takes the complications out of technology and provides cost savings solutions.”

If you’re a small business looking to get started with a broad range of IT services, this firm may be worth a look.

5. ABN (Advanced Business Networks)

Screen Shot 2021 09 27 at 4.57.32 PM

ABN, as might be surmised from their name, is focused on providing network support services (although they also provide cabling and phone services, too). They operate under a standard managed services model.

Here’s how they explain things on their about page:

“Advanced Business Networks is an Information Technologies company that offers Network Support Solutions through Managed Services. As a Managed Services Provider, we offer our clients the network support, system security, and reliable connectivity that today’s business demands at a contract price that makes the most business sense.”

The company is based in Savannah. It was founded by ABS (Advanced Business Software), a software consulting group with expertise in the Acumatica ERP, among other platforms.

In other words, if you’re looking for an IT service with background in Acumatica, ABN should certainly be on your list.

6. Seimitsu

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Seimitsu provides three main technology-centered offerings: internet service, managed IT service, and network design and cabling services. The company is based in Savannah with a strong focus on the surrounding region. They don’t have a specific industry focus.

As they put it on their homepage, “we are the trusted name to know in Savannah, Georgia, and beyond for streamlined internet speeds and experienced technology support.”

Seimitsu has a long history in the IT space; the organization was founded in 1984. If you’re looking for a local partner to handle the bundle of services that Seimitsu offers (internet, IT, and cabling), the company is worth adding to your shortlist.

7. Landon Technologies

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Landon Technologies has served some of the oldest businesses in the Savannah, Georgia area, and they’re proud of it. Here’s how they explain it on their homepage:

“Our commitment to making IT easily understandable and affordable has brought us a long way since our inception. In the geographical areas we service, our client base is some of these area’s earliest organizations. If companies that have been around over 100 years trust us, you can too.”

Functionally, Landon Technologies offers most of what you’d expect from an IT service provider. They have a managed IT model, provide consulting services, and offer a variety of different technology support offerings, like network installation and computer network management.

If you’re looking to work with an IT service that has deep ties to the Savannah area, Landon Technologies is worth considering.

8. Infinity

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Infinity has been serving Savannah businesses for over 20 years; the founders, Chuck and David Brown, were born and raised in the area and are even involved in local charity work, so it’s clear that the company has deep ties to the area.

In terms of services, Infinity delivers a wide range of IT offerings, including managed services, cloud management, and IT consulting (among others).

Here’s how they describe things on their about page:

“We’ve been providing IT services to help businesses grow since 1999, and we take great pride in offering solutions that help our clients function smoothly every day and exceed their goals.”

If you’re searching for a local IT provider that’s heavily involved in the community, it’s a good call to put Infinity on your shortlist.

9. KML Computer Services

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KML Computer Services is another IT generalist – they do almost everything. From cybersecurity to phone and voice services, to website development and design, to, of course, computer repair, they can service most IT needs.

Their core philosophy is that businesses shouldn’t overpay for technology that isn’t needed. Here’s how they put it on their about page:

“Other companies may try to sell technology for technology’s sake, but it is KML’s core belief that technology is unimportant until we understand how the client does business. That way we can have the client invest only in the technology that makes sense for them and not needless bells and whistles.”

Unlike Infinity, KML is not specifically focused on serving the Savannah area. The company is based in Novi, Michigan, with an office in Bluffton, South Carolina from which they service the Low Country. If you’re looking for a cost-efficient solution, it may be worth considering KML Computer Services.

10. Computerland Savannah

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Computerland Savannah, as you can tell by their name, is an IT service company focused on serving Savannah businesses. They’ve been around for a while; the firm was founded in 1982 and has since expanded to offer services in South Carolina and North Florida.

They explain things rather simply on their homepage:

“Computerland Savannah (CLS) is an IT service company based in Savannah, Georgia that specializes in maintaining and improving the technology investment of small- and medium-sized businesses.”

If you’re operating an SMB and are looking for an experienced IT generalist, they may be worth considering.

11. Corsica Technologies

Screen Shot 2021 09 27 at 4.58.17 PM

Corsica Technologies is a larger managed IT service provider. Unlike some of the other companies listed here, they don’t focus specifically on the Savannah area, but they do have offices in Augusta, Georgia, and Greenville, South Carolina.

Here’s how they explain their approach on their homepage:

“Corsica Technologies brings together the brightest minds in IT with your business to create efficiencies through technology. From modernizing your infrastructure and data to developing turn-key solutions to improve business outcomes, our team of dedicated engineers work with you to solve your toughest challenges.”

Corsica Technologies is particularly proud of their client portal, which offers some visibility into technology performance and is accessible at any time. The company serves a wide variety of businesses that range in size from small to enterprise.

The bottom line is that, if you’re looking for support for a larger business, this is an option to consider.

12. Fortified

Screen Shot 2021 09 27 at 4.58.23 PM

Fortified is another company based in Savannah that offers a wide range of IT services, including telephony, surveillance, and premise wiring.

Their area of specialty is in designing and securing environments that require regulatory compliance. Here’s how they put things on their about page:

“At Fortified, our approach is to implement technical solutions with an emphasis on security, stability, efficiency, and scalability.  We work with a wide range of companies whose environments vary wildly in complexity, most of which are under regulatory compliance.”

If your business requires compliant technology environments, Fortified may be worth considering for your IT service needs.

13. DPC Technology

Screen Shot 2021 09 27 at 4.58.31 PM

The “D” in DPC stands for dental, which immediately clarifies who DPC Technology serves. Founded in 1995, this company has deep experience in serving the IT needs of dental practices. That includes everything from unlimited remote support to fully managed IT, to HIPAA auditing, to dark web scanning, and more.

Here’s how they explain it on their about page:

“We have been proudly serving the community for 23 years and have over 100 combined years’ experience. If you have experienced an IT issue in your practice, chances are we have seen it and can efficiently and cost effectively resolve your network issues.”

They don’t have an office in Savannah, but they do have offices in Jacksonville and Maitland. If you’re a dental practice in the area, DPC Technology is certainly worth taking a look at.


Screen Shot 2021 09 27 at 4.58.38 PM

CORBAK is one of the newer companies to make it onto this list; the company has only been around since 2016. However, their roots go further back. Originally a staffing company, the firm evolved with the acquisition of an IT provider to become what it is today.

And what it is today is a general back-office solution. Not only does Corbak provide IT services ­– they also provide payroll services, accounting services, and HR management services.

Here’s how they explain their offering on their about page:

“Many competitors have skilled payroll, HR and accounting staffs, but no one in the community completes the puzzle with the Information Technology piece that CORBAK – Office Technology Solutions brings to the table.”

If you’re looking to outsource the bulk of your administrative needs to a third party, CORBAK is worth considering. If you’re only looking for IT service, though, you may want to look at other companies on this list first.

15. Pomeroy

Screen Shot 2021 09 27 at 4.58.43 PM

Pomeroy takes an interesting approach to IT services. While most of the companies on this list claim to provide managed IT services, Pomeroy has branded their offering “managed workplace services,” instead.

Functionally, there isn’t too much of a difference between managed workplace services and managed IT services. The services Pomeroy offers are pretty similar to what you’d expect from any IT company ­–a helpdesk for remote support, access to onsite technicians, and network administration services. But they do have a particular focus on equipping remote and hybrid workforces.

Here’s how they put it on their homepage:

“As a Managed Workplace Services Provider, we can help you easily run an agile, intelligent, fully enabled digital workplace.”

While the company is headquartered in Hebron, Kentucky, they serve businesses around the world, and they do have a focused presence in Savannah. If you’re looking for remote-focused support, they may be worth considering.

Ready To Choose An IT Company to Serve Your Savannah Business?

Hopefully, this list of IT companies has been helpful as you decide how to move forward with your business’s technology support.

Are you a mid-sized firm that’s prepared to take the next step toward better Savannah IT service? If so, let’s talk.

At Complete Network, we’re proud to provide Savannah businesses with IT services that give them an advantage, and we’re confident we can help you. Get in touch with us today to get started.