Imagine carrying around an animated Lite-Brite screen on your back. Now you can, with Pix, the “first smart animative backpack,” which is currently funding on Kickstarter. The backpack can display pictures, animations, and playable 8-bit games like Tetris and Snake, all synced through an iOS and Android app.

Early-bird backers can get the backpack for $299, which seems a little on the expensive side. But how important is a customizable illuminated screen to you? You can’t put a price on individuality, okay? What if you’re a kid getting ready for the first day of middle school? Or you need to be easily spottable in a sea of people at a rave? Plus, just look at all the other useful ways it can be used!

You can use it to wait for your friend Ann at the airport:

Image: Pix

Hail a cab when your friend Ann lies to you about coming to see you for winter break. It’s just that she’s really not ready for a relationship right now:

Image: Pix

Use it to hitchhike to Oslo when taxi drivers see your weird backpack and refuse to pick you up:

Image: Pix

And finally, use it to give up and meditate at the airport while you accept your fate that no one is going to pick you up, and this is your life now:

Image: Pix

All jokes aside, it does seem pretty useful for cyclists. A cycling remote (which is offered in the $299 cyclers pack) attaches to your bike and can sync with the backpack through Bluetooth to display turn signals and stop signs. It can also display other widgets like time, weather, and mobile notifications.

Image: Pix

Image: Pix

The Kickstarter campaign for the Pix smart animative backpack just launched today, and as of now, it’s on a healthy trajectory to reach its $35,000 goal. As with all Kickstarters, use your best judgment when backing projects.

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