An IT service outage can severely affect a financial services company, jeopardizing critical operations, data security, and customer trust.

This is an important reason why many financial service companies are embracing remote IT support services to swiftly and efficiently address and prevent issues. The managed services industry is projected to double within the next five years, reaching an estimated $500 billion by 2028.

There are many reasons why companies choose to shift to remote IT support, including 24/7 coverage, cost savings, and increased productivity for business owners.


The Advantages of Remote IT Support

The modern digital landscape has ushered in innovative opportunities for collaboration, streamlined operations, and efficient management, all of which are essential for financial service providers. Remote IT support plays a pivotal role in ensuring that your computer systems operate optimally without the need for on-site disruptions.

Let’s explore the key benefits of remote IT support for financial service companies.


Cost Savings

Remote IT support revolutionizes how financial firms address technology requirements, offering cost-effective solutions and saving valuable time. Financial service clients can achieve cost savings in several ways:

  • Leveraging remote expertise negates the need for an on-site IT department, reducing associated overhead costs.
  • Eliminating the requirement for on-site technician visits translates to savings on staff wages and external help-desk fees.
  • Swift issue resolution and proactive problem-solving enhance operational efficiency, leading to financial savings.

Companies can retain top-notch IT support without incurring the expenses associated with internal hiring.



Remote support serves as a potent tool for scaling up financial operations. It provides convenient access to IT expertise regardless of team location. Scalability benefits of remote support include:

  • Access to 24/7 remote IT support
  • Optimization of remote work environments
  • Access to and implementation of cutting-edge technology



Another compelling advantage of remote IT support is its role in safeguarding financial institutions. Remote technicians enable rapid detection and resolution of technical issues, preventing cyberattacks, data loss, and significant operational disruptions. 

These tech experts excel in troubleshooting network issues, including identifying and addressing firewall breaches and virus outbreaks. Regular maintenance of hardware and software systems ensures robust security outside traditional business hours.


Access to Diverse Skill Sets

Remote IT support offers the opportunity to build highly effective and diverse teams. Enabling remote work allows financial service companies to tap into a broader talent pool, connecting with skilled professionals from different locations. This diversity expands the range of expertise available to your internal IT staff, fostering innovative solutions without substantial investments in time or money.


Increased Productivity

Downtime in financial services – just like any other industry – can be costly. One study put the cost at an average of $5,600 to $9,000 per minute for business downtime. 

Remote IT support significantly enhances operational productivity by reducing downtime and providing round-the-clock support. This enables faster issue resolution and seamless problem-solving, minimizing costly downtime. Additionally, remote troubleshooting through secure networks frees time for other growth-driving projects and initiatives.


Integration of Cutting-Edge Technologies

With a proficient IT support team, embracing cutting-edge technologies becomes more accessible. These technologies encompass workflow automation, real-time data analysis, cybersecurity enhancements, project management tools, collaboration apps, cloud migrations, and support solutions.


Choosing the Right Remote IT Support Provider

Selecting the right managed service provider (MSP) for remote IT support is pivotal for success. When partnering with a comprehensive MSP like Complete Network, financial service clients can expect the following:

  • 24/7 unlimited remote and on-site reactive support
  • Responsive customer service
  • Experienced remote IT support technicians
  • Fixed-fee monthly pricing
  • And more benefits

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How To Supplement Your Internal IT Team.

In an ideal world, technology would be a consistent source of competitive advantage and benefit for small and midsized businesses. The reality is that many fail to realize that confidence.

Without the right resources and support, even a highly skilled technology team can become overwhelmed by the growing list of technology management duties. When important tasks get neglected, it creates ripple effects throughout an organization that damage productivity and efficiency.

The co-managed IT services model solves these problems by providing your existing IT team with all the support and resources they need to successfully plan, manage, and defend your network technology.

This guide covers:

  • • Aligning technology with business goals
  • • Reducing churn while preserving institutional knowledge
  • • Empowering your staff to maximize productivity
  • • Achieving the highest level of cybersecurity defense

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