Disasters come from anywhere: fires, storms, power outages, even cyber-attacks. No one can know where, when or how the next disaster will strike. You care about keeping your organization focused on the future, not picking up the pieces after a catastrophe, thus investing in planning and preparation is critical.

As a responsible business owner you equip your business with all necessary protections. Fire mitigation devices and generators are installed and maintained. You have insurance to replace damaged physical property. Your employees are trained on procedures should disaster strike.

But are you ready with a plan for your IT? These days, any comprehensive business continuity plan needs a disaster recovery plan to protect your information technology infrastructure.

At CNS we are ready to help you craft a full disaster recovery solution tailored to your organization’s specific needs.

What Is A SMB Owner To Do?


  1. First, take stock of what your business needs to keep running: email, application access, database backup, an inventory of equipment. Next, decide on your unique recovery time objective (how quickly the company needs to be up and running). Once we have a clear picture of your technology environment we can get to work.
  2. All disaster recovery plans must include regular back-ups. Do not only back up once a week! It is impossible to get up and running in a timely manner when using old data. Even a once daily backup is not sufficient for some businesses. To ensure you are thoroughly protected you must have a secure off-site data storage solution, where all of your vital data will be secure and ready to access, even if your primary site is unavailable.
  3. In today’s tech heavy office environment any comprehensive disaster recovery plan must include your technology. CNS partners with you to ensure your business continuity plan is incorporating your IT needs.

Don’t risk losing the ground you gained in 2016 due to poor planning. Don’t let old processes follow you into the New Year. Contact us today!