The leadership of a large network of automotive services franchise needed IT infrastructure and support systems upgrades.

They lacked an expert to coordinate their technology efforts across their many offices and drive continued improvements in IT service quality.

Complete Network Was Ready to Help.

The Backstory

Complete Network completed a thorough systems analysis and discovered improperly supported technology instances which lead to the client’s chronic IT issues.

  • A grossly outdated operating created incompatibilities and bottlenecks throughout their network.
  • Ineffectively managed custom applications hindered the staff from efficiently completing their every-day tasks.
  • Disjointed and unreliable software caused the staff frustration and anxiety.

Over time, each problem compounded the last

This left their IT a patchwork of awkward, poorly managed systems.

The Complete Network Solution

Complete Network’s C360 Flex

After sharing a detailed report of the IT problems plaguing his company, the firm’s operational director gave our team an enthusiastic green light to find a strong solution.

Our goal was to bring the client’s IT back under control.

Using Complete Network’s C360 Flex, we set about designing an upgrade and support plan.

Once created, Complete Network’s team executed the plan to eliminate all out-of-date software from the company’s servers, create a more flexible IT support system, and relieve future IT concerns.

To begin our team…

  • We migrated each application to the new systems.
  • We upgraded software where possible.
  • We culled unnecessary software as needed.

Next, we upgraded their antiquated helpdesk system, which had been self-built by the company and no longer met their needs.

Our new solution featured several improvements.

  • Enhanced systems for ticketing
  • Remote management and monitoring
  • Time-series monitoring

What Comes Next

With its IT support problems solved by Complete Network’s C360 Flex solution, the client now enjoys reliable productivity and smooth cooperation across its many locations.

“We build a long-term plan. We build a relationship so we can take that plan and start moving forward long term with how their technology needs to be.”

They now have full confidence that any IT issues outside the expertise of its own staff will be quickly addressed by a team of dedicated experts who are invested in the long-term success of the company.

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“Strong relationships are as important as technical ability in our business. We made the decision years ago to only work with organizations in a managed service agreement. This ensures our team stays focused on clients who have made a commitment to us. Our clients know they will be taken care of because our people are only serving managed clients.”

Jeremy Wanamaker | CEO