The leadership of a large network of automotive services franchise approached Complete Network with concerns about their IT infrastructure and support systems. Although the company had a small team of IT staff to handle their day-to-day technology management, they lacked an expert to coordinate their technology efforts across their many offices and drive continued improvements in IT service quality.

The Backstory

After a thorough analysis of their systems, Complete Network identified several instances where the client was working with improperly supported technology. Many of the client’s servers were running a grossly outdated operating system that created incompatibilities and bottlenecks at different areas throughout their network. The client was also ineffectively managing several custom applications that were not designed to interwork with their other business software, requiring the staff to use inefficient methods to complete their tasks. Each problem was compounded by the last, creating a patchwork of poorly managed systems.


The Complete Network Solution

Complete Network shared a detailed report of its findings with the firm’s operational director, who was relieved to finally have high-level clarity on the technology problems that were ailing his company. With enthusiastic buy-in from the client, Complete Network team set about designing an upgrade and support plan that would bring the client’s IT back under control.

The first order of business was to eliminate all the out-of-date software from the company’s servers — numbering 30 in total. Once the system software had been brought in-line with current standards, we migrated each application to the new systems, upgrading software where possible, culling unnecessary software as needed, and streamlining their IT to provide a seamless and unified experience for their staff. Complete Network engineers, who hold certifications from both Microsoft and VMWare, were able to complete these upgrades with minimal interruption to the client’s daily operations, well within the timeframe requested by the client.

Once the major technology issues at the client’s location were resolved, the Complete Network team took steps to ensure that the client’s IT would never again fall into severe disrepair. This work included replacing the client’s antiquated helpdesk system, which had been self-built by the company and no longer met their needs. The new solution that Complete Network implemented not only featured vastly improved systems for ticketing, remote monitoring and management, and time-series monitoring, but could flexibly escalate IT issues to Complete Network during peak times when the client’s own staff was unavailable, relieving the worry of client of future IT concerns.


What Comes Next

With its IT support problems solved by Complete Network’s C360 Flex solution, the client now enjoys reliable productivity and smooth cooperation across its many locations, and full confidence that any IT issues outside the expertise of its own staff will be quickly addressed by a team of dedicated experts who are invested in the long-term success of the company.


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