There are many advantages of outsourcing IT services. Streamlined budgeting, greater technology confidence, higher productivity, and better morale are just some of the benefits that you can hope to achieve by strategically putting IT management in the hands of an external team of experts.

“Embracing strategic partnerships through outsourcing is not just a business decision; it’s a catalyst for progress and success in the digital age,” says Jeremy Wanamaker, CEO of Complete Network.

In this blog, we will take a look at the top 10 benefits of IT outsourcing. We’ve listed them in no specific order because each company has unique priorities when working with an IT services firm. Additionally, we’ll also take a look at some of the IT outsourcing pros and cons that are important to be aware of.

Keep reading to learn more about how your business can grow by looking to leverage the benefits of outsourcing IT services!


Why Outsource Your IT Services? The Benefits


1. Budgeting Predictability

In many cases, the cost of working with a trusted MSP in your area will be significantly cheaper than hiring the in-house staff necessary to manage your infrastructure, cloud platforms, mobile devices, and cybersecurity needs.

But even when a partnership with an MSP doesn’t lead to direct savings, it will make your budgeting process more consistent and predictable. A single, flat monthly bill for all IT support, no matter how much help you need every month, gives your financial officer the ability to make better decisions without having to compromise the internal quality of your service.

59% of businesses state cost as their biggest reason for outsourcing.

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2. Day-to-Day IT Confidence

Without a fully-staff internal IT department—which is hard to achieve and expensive—businesses will inevitably be left wondering, “are we doing enough to maximize the stability of our network”?

Partnering with a reputable managed services provider answers that question with a definitive yes. Veteran MSPs, like Complete Network, will bring documented solutions to all the most common IT pain points and issues. During the first few months of partnership, they’ll use that accumulated knowledge to align your network and eliminate chronic sources of instability.

Once you’re on the right path, their help desk team and engineers will keep you at maximum productivity so you never worry about IT issues again.

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3. Access to a Range of Skill Sets

There are dozens of specializations within the broad category of “network engineer” or “IT support personnel” that a business would need to turn IT into a true competitive advantage.

That would include, as a minimum, a well-trained help desk staff, cloud computing specialists, cybersecurity analysts, a technology director or chief information officer (CIO).

Hiring for each of those roles is an impossibility, especially outside of major urban areas where top IT talent is concentrated. An MSP provides business access to all of those skills in a single partner, reducing the burden on your human resources (HR) staff and eliminating the cycle of IT department churn that can cost you both money and energy.


4. Less Stress on Your Team

The goal of any good MSP is singular: to help you focus on your core business and stop worrying about your IT. It’s hard to quantify the price attached to confidence, but there are tangible operational benefits of outsourcing IT services that you will notice right away.

Having a staff that can focus on their most important work, empowered by the best tools available, without the specter of malfunctioning or outdated IT undermining their productivity, reduces employee turnover and boosts morale.

Benefits of IT Outsourcing

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5. Industry Expertise

One of the most significant advantages of outsourcing IT services is the access to top-tier insight you get from industry experts.

Why is this important? Businesses in healthcare, financial services, legal services, and other fields don’t need generalist IT support–they need a partner with a long track record of helping organizations in their industry help them in exactly the way they need to be helped.

Complete Network has virtual chief information officers (vCIOs) in healthcare, financial services, and several other vertical markets who bring decades of expertise to each of our engagements beyond what most MSPs serving the small and midsized business market could achieve.


6. Cybersecurity Peace of Mind

Cyber security is the most persistent source of technology concern and doubt amongst the businesses we serve, and hiring an internal resource to help you face those challenges simply won’t work.

Security personnel are very expensive, and without a clear idea of your challenges, you may hire a person without all the skills you need to resolutely meet your network security challenges, forcing you to outsource portions to an IT services firm or hire another expensive employee.

An MSP, on the other hand, gives you an entire team of cybersecurity personnel for a single flat fee.


7. Resilience to Disaster

Natural disasters, cybersecurity infiltration, human error, and network device failure can all cause serious network downtime and tens of thousands of dollars in damages to your company. However, businesses that have partnered with a reputable MSP will have a robust, documented plan for facing disasters that can minimize the downtime damage caused by those incidents.

The Complete Network team has honed its disaster recovery process over decades of helping small and midsize businesses in our service area. That level of expertise is impossible to replicate with an internal IT team.

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8. Regulatory Compliance

As organizations focus more on their digital technologies to drive efficiency, improve collaboration, and provide a more compelling user experience, the challenges associated with regulatory compliance become considerably more challenging.

HIPAA and HiTECH, PCI-DSS, FINRA/SEC and now the new FTC Safeguards Rule in 2023 are just some of the most common compliance challenges businesses face. Complete Network’s virtual chief information officer (vCIO) team gives you all the experience and skill sets you need to avoid compliance fines and remain compliant, no matter how regulators update or tighten their requirements.


9. Comprehensive IT Roadmap

How is your IT evolving to meet changing market conditions and your customers’ needs and help your staff be more productive? Too many businesses can’t answer this fundamental question, leaving their IT and business without a rudder in the very storm waters.

Reputable MSPs will provide a virtual chief information officer (vCIO), who will provide the same audit of your existing technology at the beginning of your engagement and after any changes in your company.


10. Competitive Edge

In many competitive industries, IT isn’t just nice to have anymore; it’s a core capability that can make the difference between business success and failure. Increasingly, the healthiest businesses are the ones that are technologically ahead of the curve and can provide consistent service to their clients in exactly the way they want.

Probably the biggest asset of IT outsourcing project management is knowing that you have an IT partner in your corner, well-versed in the best-in-class technology for your industry, who can help your business stay ahead of the curve in your industry.


IT Outsourcing Disadvantages to Look Out For

While IT outsourcing offers numerous advantages, it’s important to consider both the IT outsourcing advantages and disadvantages when making a decision.

In looking at some of the IT outsourcing pros and cons, one common concern is a lack of control and visibility over outsourced processes. However, by partnering with a reliable Managed Service Provider (MSP) like Complete Network, these concerns can be mitigated. That’s because we offer a transparent and collaborative approach, ensuring ongoing communication and involvement in decision-making.

By choosing a trusted MSP, your business will be well-equipped to navigate the IT outsourcing advantages and disadvantages to reap the benefits of a reliable and strategic partnership successfully.


Complete Network – Decades of IT Service Success

In looking at the benefits of outsourcing IT services, it makes sense why over 92% of businesses are doing so today. But who do you outsource your IT services to?

Complete Network is your answer. With over sixteen years of experience, we’ve continuously earned consistent praise and 5-star reviews for our speed, friendliness, and reliability. Looking for a partner that you can trust?

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How To Supplement Your Internal IT Team.

In an ideal world, technology would be a consistent source of competitive advantage and benefit for small and midsized businesses. The reality is that many fail to realize that confidence.

Without the right resources and support, even a highly skilled technology team can become overwhelmed by the growing list of technology management duties. When important tasks get neglected, it creates ripple effects throughout an organization that damage productivity and efficiency.

The co-managed IT services model solves these problems by providing your existing IT team with all the support and resources they need to successfully plan, manage, and defend your network technology.

This guide covers:

  • • Aligning technology with business goals
  • • Reducing churn while preserving institutional knowledge
  • • Empowering your staff to maximize productivity
  • • Achieving the highest level of cybersecurity defense

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