If you manage or own a business, it’s likely that you rely heavily on technology to keep things running smoothly. When something goes wrong with your IT infrastructure, it can be a major disruption to your business.

That’s why more and more small businesses are turning to remote IT support services to help them prevent and resolve issues quickly and efficiently. So much so that the managed services industry is expected to more than double in the next five years, reaching $500 billion by 2028.

There are many benefits of getting remote IT support, including 24/7 coverage, cost savings, and increased productivity for business owners.

In this blog, we’ll explain the top benefits of remote IT support in greater detail.


Benefits of Getting Remote IT Support

The modern digital workplace has ushered in innovative and exciting opportunities to work, collaborate and manage operations in ways never thought possible before.

Remote IT support offers you a way of ensuring that your computer systems are functioning optimally without needing to be onsite or disrupt normal business operations.

A robust remote IT support system will become increasingly crucial as your business becomes more dependent on technology for the efficiency of your daily operations.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of remote IT support.


Cost Savings

Remote IT support has revolutionized the way your business can handle technology needs, cutting costs and saving you time in the process.

Your business can save money by using remote IT support because:

  • Utilizing experienced technicians remotely instead of on-site helps avoid the overhead of additional costs associated with having an internal IT department.
  • Not requiring visits from on-site technicians saves from having to pay staff wages or external help-desk fees.
  • Responding to problems faster and tackling problems before they become a larger financial burden increases your operational efficiency.

In a nutshell, your business can leverage cost-effective IT support rather than spending on internal hiring.

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Remote support can also be a powerful tool for scaling up your business operations. It provides the ability to quickly and conveniently access IT expertise regardless of your team’s location.

Remote support aids in scalability by:

  • Offering remotely accessible 24-hour IT support
  • Optimizing your remote work environment
  • Having access to and implementing top-tier technology


Cyber Security

Another one on the list of remote IT support benefits is that it can be a powerful source of protection for your business.

With the help of remote technicians, you’re able to quickly detect and address technical dysfunction, preventing cyber attacks, data loss and major operational delays.

Remote techs are also adept at troubleshooting network issues, including firewall breaches and virus outbreaks that could leave your business exposed to malicious intent.

What’s more, they can provide regular maintenance across both hardware and software systems, ensuring all components remain strong and secure even outside of traditional business hours.

Remote IT Support Benefits

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Access to Diverse Skill Sets

Another benefit of remote IT support is that it offers you a great opportunity to build highly effective and diverse teams.

By enabling remote work, you can access a larger pool of talent by connecting with workers across different locations with more specialized skill sets.

It also broadens the types of expertise staff your internal IT staff is exposed to allowing them to reimagine solutions from different perspectives and innovate faster.

Ultimately, one of the strongest benefits of getting remote IT support is that it accelerates your business’ capacity for upskilling existing employees and building a connected team environment without necessarily needing to make large investments in time or money.


Increase Productivity

One report from the Ponemon Institute in 2016 says downtime costs between $5,600 to $9,000 per minute on average.

Remote IT support makes a significant difference in the productivity of operations, reducing downtime and offering immediate access to support 24/7. This way, your business can enjoy faster resolution times and solve technical issues more seamlessly than ever before when an issue occurs, which eliminates costly downtime.

Additionally, because issues can be troubleshot remotely through secure networks, you are left with more time to devote to other projects and initiatives that drive growth.


Integrate Cutting Edge Technologies

It will be easier for your business to identify and incorporate leading technologies with an elite IT support team behind it.

These include workflow automation, real-time data analysis, cyber security improvements, project management, collaboration apps, cloud migrations, and more support solutions.

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Choosing A Remote IT Support Provider

When leveraging the benefits of remote IT support, the managed service provider (MSP) you choose to partner with will have a significant impact on your success. In working with a comprehensive MSP such as Complete Network, you can expect to receive:

  • 24/7 unlimited remote and on-site reactive support
  • Responsive customer service
  • Experienced remote IT support technicians
  • Fixed-fee monthly pricing
  • And more

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How To Supplement Your Internal IT Team.

In an ideal world, technology would be a consistent source of competitive advantage and benefit for small and midsized businesses. The reality is that many fail to realize that confidence.

Without the right resources and support, even a highly skilled technology team can become overwhelmed by the growing list of technology management duties. When important tasks get neglected, it creates ripple effects throughout an organization that damage productivity and efficiency.

The co-managed IT services model solves these problems by providing your existing IT team with all the support and resources they need to successfully plan, manage, and defend your network technology.

This guide covers:

  • • Aligning technology with business goals
  • • Reducing churn while preserving institutional knowledge
  • • Empowering your staff to maximize productivity
  • • Achieving the highest level of cybersecurity defense

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