What if your network had 100% uptime GUARANTEED?

The Next Level in Technology Support and Reliability: 100% uptime and availability. No malware or data loss.


Over the last several years, the major cause of network downtime has shifted from single points of failure in the network to malware, viruses and ransomware. As hackers target small and midsized businesses with greater frequency, these businesses can no longer rely on their own obscurity to protect them.

Sadly, most conversations around maximizing uptime and security end with a shrug. Most people just assume that network disruption is unavoidable, which shifts attention to minimizing recovery time and simply hoping for the best. We feel businesses should expect more.

C360 Assured Availability guarantees 100% uptime and availability with a financially-backed service-level agreement, providing organizations with the highest possible level of confidence in their technology.

The Benefits of Financially-Backed Network Uptime

Even if you’re network is available 99.9% of the time, which is a standard in the technology services industry, that’s still 42 minutes a month without your IT systems. That’s completely unacceptable for some organizations, which is why we designed C360 Assured Availability with the following industries in mind.

Would you like your network uptime to be 100% GUARANTEED?

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