Cybersecurity protection is achieved by combining the right knowledge with the right tools. However, new security technologies are coming out so fast that even professionals have a hard time keeping up. There’s also a nationwide lack of qualified security engineers, many of whom are beyond an SMB budget to begin with.

Because good cybersecurity isn’t a one-time project, Complete Network evaluates, tests, and keeps testing until your security posture is as robust as we can make it. Then, when your strategy and defenses are in place and optimized, we’ll maintain them with ongoing audits and updates based on the latest intelligence and best practices.

Here’s what Complete Network security offers:

Organizations need a risk-based cybersecurity strategy that’s based on a deep analysis of their operations and technology. Once we determine exactly where your vulnerabilities are located, we can get to protecting your data, guided by the most relevant frameworks and regulations.
Businesses in the regulated industries like healthcare or legal and financial services have needs that go beyond just security. They need to stay lockstep with the latest regulations to keep client data safe and avoid devastating penalties. Our deep compliance expertise and thorough planning prevents compliance worries.
Does your company have a plan for responding to cyberattack or infiltration? Incidence response planning saves you valuable time in the event of a cyber breach, helping you contain damages, recover quickly, and save your business from serious reputational loss.

Success Stories

“I am constantly on the road with just my phone and computer to keep in touch. It is great to have Complete Network always a phone call or email away to help me with any of my computer or IT security issues. Their ability to remotely monitor my computer and get things working with minimal involvement from me is a huge time saver.”

– COO, Financial Firm


Complete Network offers two service packages


C360 Fully Managed is for companies that want comprehensive planning and management of their technology. It combines strategy, support, and security in one seamless technology solution that’s custom built for your business goals and workflows.


C360 Flex is for companies that already have IT staff but want more reliable network operations than they can achieve on their own. We’ll act as a vigilant strategic partner, providing expertise and support that brings you greater peace of mind and confidence.