IT Strategy Turns Chaos Into Stability

Technology changes so quickly that keeping up could be your full-time job. That’s not something most businesses have the resources of skill to tackle in-house. Falling behind isn’t an option either, your competition doesn’t allow that. You need a technology strategy that keeps your business and technology effortlessly aligned, which is why we’ve placed strategic technology planning at the core of all Complete Network service packages. Nothing brings us more satisfaction than helping our clients get the maximum benefit from the latest hardware and software, something a Virtual CIO from Complete Network can help you achieve.

What’s a Virtual CIO?

The Complete Network Virtual Chief Information Officer (VCIO) is a seasoned technology consultant who will guide you through the dynamic technological landscape, steer you away from expensive mistakes, and prevent your network and technology from falling out of line with your goals. Complete Network VCIOs don’t work on commission, nor will they try to upsell you on things you don’t need. They’ll put your best interests as the top priority all while helping you design and govern a comprehensive, documented IT strategy that ensures the best available technologies to achieve your business goals.

Here’s what Complete Network strategy offers:

Success Stories


“The last company we worked with had one tech that knew our environment inside and out. We enjoyed working with her, but dreaded when they would send anyone else. When she left we changed our provider to Complete Network. They formalized our documentation and made sure there was full knowledge transfer during the onboarding process. Now it seems like everyone we interact with on their team has been working with us for years!”

– Owner, Manufacturing Company


Complete Network offers two service packages


C360 Fully Managed is for companies that want comprehensive planning and management of their technology. It combines strategy, support, and security in one seamless technology solution that’s custom built for your business goals and workflows.


C360 Flex is for companies that already have IT staff but want more reliable network operations than they can achieve on their own. We’ll act as a vigilant strategic partner, providing expertise and support that brings you greater peace of mind and confidence.